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Cultural Events

Villa Foscarini Rossi, located between Padua and Venice, is the ideal venue to organise Cultural Events!

The perfect place for Cultural Events between Venice and Padua

Venetian nobles managed to transmit all their magnificence in the Villas of the Brenta, with the elegance of architectural and pictorial forms fitting harmoniously into the landscape context.

The riverbed and the sun orientation were key elements in defining how and where to build their beautiful mansions, which always retained the function of farms.

All of this inspires creativity and helps to appreciate the cultural initiatives that animate the Villa.

The acoustics of the Frescoes Ballroom are ideal for classical music concerts, but also lend themselves to theatrical performances that often involve the entire structure, or yoga classes.

Temporary exhibitions are hosted in the Villa Padronale or in the Garden, enriching the range of events open to the public such as aperitifs, brunches or picnics.