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Product Exposure

Do you wish to showcase your products and enhance them among your customers? Villa Foscarini Rossi is the ideal setting for your display!

Product Exposure between Venice and Padua

For those who wish to present a preview of a collection or the launch of a new product, inviting clients from the all over the world, Villa Foscarini Rossi is strategically located. It is in fact easily accessible from the airport, train station and highway exit.

Product Exposure is an activity that aims to present a particular product or service effectively to potential customers, business partners or other interested parties. The main goal is to attract attention, arouse interest, and convince the target audience of the usefulness and value of the product.

We have a versatile and eye-catching location: by choosing Villa Foscarini Rossi, you will find a perfect display location that is both accessible and appealing to your audience.

We have ample space and we can give you the option of using printed graphics, appropriate lighting and displays to capture attention. You will also be able to use illustrative materials, information panels, explanatory videos and organize hands-on demonstrations.